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Meet Our Speakers

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Founder & Featured Speaker

Dr. Eve Harrison

Dr. Eve Harrison is a seasoned full-time concierge house call veterinarian in Los Angeles. She is one of only a tiny handful of pioneers practicing true veterinary concierge medicine. Her mobile practice has been through numerous seasons & iterations of itself, including being an acupuncture-only practice, a multi-doctor practice with an IHE-exclusive component, wellness only, & finally a solo integrative concierge practice.


Her passions are creative entrepreneurship, sustainability for veterinarians, boundaries, authentic communication, & releasing people who are not a good match for our practices. 


She is the founder of the online CE course: The House Call Vet Academy & offers coaching & consulting to help veterinarians nourish not only their patients, but themselves… by helping them cultivate profitable & sustainable mobile practices of their own.


Outside of being a vet, Eve is a semi-professional musician (flutist), & a yoga teacher. 

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Featured Speaker

Dr. Lynn Hendrix

Dr Lynn Hendrix is a certified Hospice and Palliative veterinarian, and owner of Beloved Pet Mobile Vet. She was an author on the 2013 IAAHPC guidelines for best practices in animal hospice and palliative care. She is founder of the Facebook group, the Veterinarian Palliative Medicine group, and the Hospice and Palliative medicine consultant for VIN.  


She has also founded the World Veterinary Palliative Medicine Organization in 2018 and she has an upcoming book, Hospice and Palliative Medicine for the House Call Veterinarian.


Featured Speaker

Dr. Surell Levine


Surell Levine completed a fellowship in emergency and critical care and then transitioned to primary care and ultimately, house call medicine.  She started her own practice 6 years ago.  She created Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap after her nurse went out on maternity leave.  Surell continues her house call practice with one other doctor in place of a nurse and continues to work on Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap to help owners, cats and veterinarians, alike.


 Featured Speaker

Dr. Cherie Buisson

Dr. Buisson is a 2000 graduate of Mississippi State University and is certified in hospice and palliative care, Low Stress (TM) handling and suicide prevention. She owns Helping Hands Pet Hospice, a mobile end of life service serving the Tampa Bay area in Florida.


She also runs A Happy Vet, a website and social media presence dedicated to wellness in the veterinary profession. She is a writer and international speaker as well as a bookworm, cyclist, and aquarist. She lives with her husband, Derek, and the Quality Control Wieners in Largo, FL.


Featured Speaker

Dr. Kelly Cochran Trogdon


Dr. Kelly is located in Georgia in metropolitan Atlanta on the northside, situated in the foothills of the beginning of the Appalachian mountains. She has been a housecall vet for 20 years and a vet for almost 30 years, and a house call vet for 20 of those years. She practices general medicine for cats and dogs, having done surgery, dentals, and full service veterinary care out of her 26 foot LaBoit for about 15 years. About in the last 5 years, she is now working out of, in her own in her words, “ordinary little car.”

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Featured Speaker

Sandra Grossman

Sandra Grossman is the co-founder of PetLoss Partners, a Certified Pet Loss Specialist, End-of-Life Pet Doula, and Compassion Fatigue Educator. After 20 years in the business sector, she changed careers to pet loss support after her Siamese cat died from lymphoma and she felt her own need to heal. Now, she supports pet parents who are anticipating or have gone through the loss of a beloved pet by offering virtual pet loss support groups, online chat rooms, and individual sessions by telephone and virtually. Sandra also works with veterinary and animal care professionals, helping them cope with the effects of compassion fatigue and focusing on communication and self-care. Sandra is the author of the “End-of-Life/Pet Loss Study” "Creating a Compassionate Practice" and offers veterinary professionals a RACE-certified online pet loss specialist certification course. She currently shares her home in New Jersey with her 2 special needs cats, Jeter and Faith


Featured Speaker

Dr. Stacey Cordivano


Dr. Stacey Cordivano, a graduate of Penn State University and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, is the founder of Clay Creek Equine Veterinary Services. The aspects of equine ambulatory practice that she enjoys most include emergency medicine and chiropractic care. Based on her experiences in equine practice over the past 13 years, Stacey is passionate about personal development and financial education topics. In May of 2020, she started production of The Whole Veterinarian Podcast as a way to share these topics with her veterinary colleagues. Stacey currently enjoys growth in the areas of team leadership and mindfulness practice, and is excited to bring her knowledge to the first House Call & Mobile Vet Virtual Conference.

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Featured Speaker

Jan Woods

For the past two decades, Jan Woods has built a reputation as the go-to resource for Controlled Substance education in the Animal Health industry.


She consults with veterinarians nationally on a full-time basis, with areas of expertise encompassing compliance with DEA regulations, as well as other state and federal regulations, clinic and hospital practice management & operations, human resources, finance, and marketing.


In 2001, Jan moved into veterinary medicine as the Hospital Administrator for Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center of Kansas City, (VSEC). From May of 2004 through March of 2016 she was the Co-Owner, Hospital Administrator and Vice President of the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson, (VSCT). From 2018- 2020 she was the Director of Education & Regulatory Affairs Manager for Cubex, LLC. In 2020, Jan became a Zoetis Key Opinion Leader and joined Veterinary Business Advisors as their Regulatory and Operational Consultant. She is also a proud member of the Epicur Pharma® Advisory Council.


Jan owns two companies: Ask Jan For Help, LLC and Veterinary Management and Marketing Specialists.

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Featured Speaker

Sara Fletcher, Supreme Goddess of all Veterinary Medical Doctors:)


I am a NC State College veterinary medicine class of 2003 graduate. Prior to this I've received a degree in animal science, zoology, and a minor in molecular genetics from NCSU in 1999. Nearly 5 years ago, after a lengthy sentence with a corporate end-of-life care company, I took over a 30 year old house call practice. I am a neurodivergent single parent, doing house calls since 2011. My passions are client communication and feline medicine. 


Yoga for vets, taught BY a vet :)

Dr. Chloe Hannigan BVetMed MRCVS (RYT-500)


VetYogi was founded by veterinarian and yoga teacher, Chloe, to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the veterinary profession. As a locum vet Chloe has been in practice throughout the pandemic, so has first-hand experience of the extra stressors that our profession has faced over the last couple of years. Through VetYogi, Chloe provides tailored yoga and meditation classes, workshops and conference speaker sessions for veterinary individuals, practices and groups. VetYogi also offers a selection of yoga props, clothing and accessories, and VY home fragrance gifts all designed to help busy working professionals create a sanctuary of calm in their own space. For more information see


Featured Speaker

Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA

Dr Peter Weinstein is a husband, father, pet parent, veterinarian and leader.


He has been involved with virtually all aspects of veterinary practice from a 15-year-old kennel kid to a hospital owner. 


Organized veterinary medicine has been a passion as well with various roles and leadership and presidencies of Southern California VMA, California VMA, and Vet Partners.


He is a published author, most notably of the EMyth Veterinarian-Why Most Veterinary Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It.


Currently, he is teaching business and finance at the Veterinary College of Western University of Health Sciences.


He likes to think of himself as a free thinking change agent and disruptor who, because he has a daughter in veterinary school, is working for an even better veterinary profession in the future.  


Featured Speaker

Stephen Niño Cital RVT, SRA, RLAT, CVPP, VTS-LAM (Res. Anesthesia)

Stephen Niño Cital is a multi-credentialed veterinary technician specialist with a passion for anesthesia, pain management, and cannabinoid medicine. Cital has been on the forefront of cannabinoid medicine and the evolution of pain management in veterinary medicine. He has authored multiple articles and contributed to several textbooks, including acting as the lead editor for the first cannabinoid medicine textbook, titled “Cannabis Therapy in Veterinary Medicine”, by Springer Nature. He serves on multiple boards and is a strong advocate for veterinary technician advancement, along with minority representation. He is a lab manager at Stanford University in the department of neurobiology in addition to a clinical pain practitioner and partner at Remedy Veterinary Specialists. For more information, please see

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Featured Speaker

Kadeth Darkstar Pozzesi, LMFT, RVT (pronouns he/him)

I am a retired RVT turned private practice therapist integrating heart, mind, spirit, body and knowledge into building healing pathways. My primary populations include the LGBTQA community, domestic violence survivors…and the veterinary community. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic practitioner as well. Outside of my work life I am an artist and musician.


 Featured Speaker

Dr. Erica Dickie

Dr. Erica Dickie is the owner/founder of Black Creek Mobile Veterinary Services, based out of Stratford, Ontario.  She graduated with distinction from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011 and in 2020 became a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian.  She is passionate about all things relating to End-of-Life Care for pets & has dedicated her practice to helping pet families in her community honour the bond, the life, and the love of their dear companions.  She is a mother of 2 young boys, Reid 7, and Logan 4 and is currently palliating her 14 year old ginger tabby Porter through his recent gastrointestinal lymphoma diagnosis.

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Featured Speaker

Erin Dresner, DVM, cVMA, DABVP-Feline Practice


Dr. Erin Dresner is a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in Feline Practice, an American Association of Feline Practitioners Certified Cat-Friendly Veterinarian, and certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture. Her concierge house call practice, Bloom Integrative Veterinary Care, delivers the highest quality conventional medicine and evidence-based holistic care to loved pets (and the occasional zoo animal) in Northwest Houston, Texas.  Above all, she is a full-time mom to her young son and daughter. Dr. Dresner and her family spend most of their free time exploring the great outdoors, playing in the mud, and tending to their native Texas gardens.

Dr. Mitch Li.jpeg

Featured Speaker

Dr. Mitch Li


Dr. Mitch Li is a Board Certified Emergency Physician, health and wellness enthusiast, and patient advocate, with a Direct Care practice called Thrive Direct Care. He also runs an advocacy organization called Take Medicine Back, PBLLC. This organization is intended to produce a public benefit by operating in a responsible and ethical manner by imparting education and advocacy to the public regarding the corporate takeover of modern medicine which has led to the financial exploitation of patients and the erosion of trust between healthcare providers and patients.

Julie Squires IMG_1690.jpg

Featured Speaker

Julie Squires

Julie Squires is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Grief Educator who brings a unique perspective and approach to support the sustained energy and passion of those exposed to compassion fatigue in veterinary medicine.

Julie is an internationally recognized speaker and has over twenty-five years of experience within the veterinary industry working in practice as well as in the veterinary industry. Her company, Rekindle LLC, offers virtual and on-site seminars, workshops, online courses, private 1:1 coaching, and the Rekindling podcast and is the result of the need Julie saw to help those that work with animals maintain their wellbeing and mental health.


Julie has deep love and affection for Brené Brown, Oprah, and Keith Urban…not necessarily in that order!

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Featured Speaker

Serena Pudelski, RVT 

I am a Registered Veterinary Technician in the state of Ohio. I graduated Tri-C in Parma OH IN 2009.  I'm a wife, mother, vet tech, business coach for RVTs and serial business owner. 

I have 4 dogs, 6 cats, 1 bird, a frog,. snake and a bearded dragon, and have grown up caring for animals since I was little. 

I am an advocate for animals, technicians and change in the veterinary field as a whole. My goal is to make others think outside the box, and challenge old ways of thinking by trailblazing new ways of doing things in my life and in my businesses.

Being a Pet Consultant/strategist, I discuss a vast array of information. everything from routine care, surgical procedures, tech questions and more. Bringing digital pet care courses is something new I have introduced, to make care accessible even though many changes have occurred since the beginning of 2020. Having an RVT helping educate pet parents makes them feel confident they are doing their best to help their pets. 

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Featured Speaker

Dr. Ashley Emanuele


Dr. Ashley Emanuele opened Oak City Aquatics Mobile Veterinary Service in June 2021, NC's first aquatics-exclusive mobile veterinary practice.  In 2016, she became North Carolina's first WAVMA Certified Aquatic Veterinarian.


Her professional interests are in the nutrition, ophthalmology, surgery, and preventative care of aquatic species.  Dr. Emanuele received her DVM from NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, and a B.S. in Marine Biology from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.  


Dr. Emanuele is the President-Elect for the American Association of Fish Veterinarians, and loves speaking about aquatic animal health on podcasts, to hobbyist groups, and at national veterinary conferences.

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Featured Speaker

Rachael Feigenbaum, VMD, CVA

Rachael graduated from UPenn school of veterinary medicine in 2001. After several years of working in clinics, she started Lotus Veterinary House Calls in San Francisco in 2008. She is passionate about providing integrative care in the comfort of home, and believes that the relationships that are built with clients and patients in the home setting are key to the delivery of exceptional care. 


Featured Speaker

Tosha Starke, DVM


Dr. Tosha Starke is a Veterinarian and businesswoman in Virginia who is making waves in the veterinary community through her innovative businesses and advocacy. She founded All Four Paws Veterinary Relief in 2013 as a way to balance her passions of being a veterinarian and a mom.
In 2021, while general practices and emergency clinics everywhere were overloaded with appointments and still hemorrhaging staff, Dr. Starke founded Vets To Pets Mobile Veterinary Service to alleviate some of the strain on local clinics while also making veterinary care more accessible to her community.
Dr. Starke is a co-host on the Real Talk Unleashed Veterinary podcast that is dedicated to highlighting the issues in our industry and working towards meaningful change. In addition, she also mentors veterinary students at her alma mater, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, and serves on the board of several state veterinary associations. 


Featured Speaker

Carla Finzel, RVN

Carla qualified in 2001 as a veterinary nurse in Spain. Moved to UK worked in general practice for 5 years. She then progressed onto emergency and critical care full time on night shifts for 9 years at a referral vet hospital.

In 2015 she founded the Veterinary District Nurse role, non-existent as a role in the veterinary industry to mirror human District Nurses in the human health sector.

Carla has been walking the talk, leading the campaign and movement of raising standards of veterinary nursing care, home-based nursing clinics, client concordance and embracing the human-animal bond within the veterinary profession.

Founder of the DVN Hub, a platform to Connecting pet owners, veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses to facilitate treatment delivery in the home.

Contributing author in the book: One Health for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians: An Introduction, CABI release date February 28th, 2023

She is a passionate campaigner for One Welfare-One Health, so that veterinary practice and care becomes inclusive to all members of society, making veterinary practice compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

An advocate of the Deaf community.

A Dementia Friend Champion and supporter of ‘Say Aphasia’.

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