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You deserve to build your house call vet practice, your way.

I’m here so you don’t have to do it all alone.

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Whether you’re an established mobile vet looking for a better way to streamline, grow your practice, earn more, set boundaries, & fire toxic clients... or you’re a BRAND NEW house call vet looking to start your practice from scratch without having to learn everything the hard way...

I got you...

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Step 1

Enroll in

The House Call Vet


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Step 2

Learn how to build your house call vet practice your way

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Step 3

Get the career AND lifestyle you deserve

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“The House Call Vet Academy has brought discipline, motivation, community, support and accountability back into my efforts which had lost some inspiration and momentum. You offer incredible value and guidance as the profession evolves into something that will work for more of us. So important, and you are creating community which is huge. Community with integrity. - not just any community. You set the tone.”

– Dr. H
G.P. house call vet, California*

“OMG! I love this course. It's been much better than I even expected. I'm only a few lectures in and you have given me gold!”

– Dr. S
 integrative house call vet, New Mexico

“This course is a godsend! I’ve lost sense of my own value, and this whole process has been so helpful just to rebuild my confidence. I’m just over the moon at this blessing! I’m so grateful to you and this course.”

– Dr. M
house call vet, Michigan*

*To protect the privacy of course participants, testimonials are anonymous. If you’d like to speak with someone who’s taken the course, contact me here. I’m happy to arrange it for you.

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Hey there! I'm Dr. Eve Harrison

I run a 6-figure integrative concierge house call practice in Los Angeles (and have a hilariously chatty cat named Maggie)!

After graduating from vet school, I spent years working crazy hours in clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and operating rooms that left me so burnt out I almost quit entirely. I had a miserable work/life balance and knew that I needed to find a better way to give my patients, their caregivers, and honestly... even myself... the level of care we deserved.

After years of trying to work in brick & mortar practices on other people’s terms, I just couldn’t swing it anymore



I decided to build my own house call vet practice, my way. And now I hold a warm supportive container, teaching others to create THEIR own unique practices, their way.

You don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life OR the quality of care to your patients in order to have a thriving, successful practice.


And you also don’t have to follow methods or use systems that don’t feel aligned or possible for you. (P.S. this is where building it your way comes in;)


If you are not planning to give up on your dream of having both a career AND your freedom...

Then you’re SO in the right place, friend.

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