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Register TODAY for the
House Call & Mobile Vet
Virtual Conference

1st-2nd, 2025!!!!!!
Last day to purchase tickets is Jan 1st, 2025!)

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This virtual conference is for & by house call & mobile veterinarians & staff to give our community a platform to learn about actionable information & resources, find inspiration, network with each other, and lift each other up. There is SPECIAL LOVE HERE for independent practices, & vet professionals working with independent practices <3


We all know that our industry itself needs to be lifted up and revamped a bit, right? So here’s where our mobile vet community can become a beacon of light and maybe even a source of inspiration to help not only lift each other, but our colleagues in OTHER aspects of the veterinary industry. 


We know the amazing impact that our community can have not only on each other, but on our patients, clients, and the industry at large when we come together. And this conference is just the very beginning of that journey.

UNTIL January 1st!


(Additional discount codes can be used & entered at checkout while valid before Dec 1st, 2024! Deep discount early bird pricing will no longer be available after midnight Jan 1st, 2025 PST)

***House Call Vet Academy MEMBERS get a special deep discount before Dec 1st, 2024. 

Check on our private community Facebook page for your exclusive code! 

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(It’s tiny on the mobile version of the check out page. But it's there, waiting to receive your code!) 

Veterinary technicians ALSO get 20% OFF before Dec 1, 2024, using code: VETTECH2025


How is this conference different?

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For the first time EVER, there is a live forum for us lone wolves (& future lone wolves) of veterinary medicine to connect! This conference gives special attention to veterinarians, vet techs, and support staff who travel to see their patients. This group of practitioners in the veterinary space is most commonly (though not always) associated with non-corporate veterinarian-owned solo practice & small business.


And when I say small business in this context, that typically means MICRO business!


We're each doing TINY AND HUGE things all at the same time in our own corners of the world. And classically, house call & mobile veterinary providers work alone... yet all of us in this space can be so similar (while also being our very unique selves). So many of us have had similar experiences, similar struggles, and similar DREAMS to be able to provide for our patients, our families, and ourselves in the unique ways that WE like to do.


We are the microcosmic pioneers, entrepreneurs, movers, shakers, & innovators of the veterinary world... And this event is meant to unify and to celebrate US! 

What can you look forward to in this conference?

  • Meet your house call vet colleagues from all over the world…. face to face! 

  • Connect with YOUR PEOPLE in real time!

  • Learn actionable tips, tricks, & inspiration to level up or expand your mobile practice

  • Get the chance to share your experiences & connect with others doing similar or complimentary things

  • Learn about how to start a house call practice (if you’re just getting started!)

  • Learn about protecting your physical & emotional safety as a mobile vet, vet tech, or vet assistant (ie: boundaries unique to mobile practice)

  • There may even be yoga taught by a veterinarian! (Don’t worry yoga is completely optional if that’s not your thing ;)

  • Win cool stuff

  • Get house call vet swag

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I am so excited for you to join us for the fourth annual 

House Call & Mobile Vet Virtual Conference!!!! 

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Don't miss out!


(Additional discount codes can be used & entered at checkout while valid before Dec 1st, 2024!! Early bird pricing will no longer be available after Jan 1st, 2025 12am PST)

Sponsorship is what allows conferences to come to life... and in THIS conference, we've made a conscious commitment to how we partner with sponsors. We have made a decision to focus on partnering with other local businesses, as well as small & micro business owners just like US to bring this micro conference to you!

Thank you to our small business sponsors!!!!!
We love you!

Coming Soon...


  • Is this conference all virtual?

    • YES! It is completely online. No travel necessary.

  • Is this conference for veterinarians only?

    • No! We absolutely welcome & encourage vet techs, vet assistants, client coordinators, and receptionists​ in the mobile and house call veterinary community to join us!!! 

  • Is the conference RACE approved for CE credit?​

    • This conference is pending RACE approval! You may be able to receive up to 15 hours depending on how much of the conference you attend live.

  • Will the conference be recorded if I can't make it to some of the lectures?

    • YES! Lectures & any recordable content will be recorded. You will receive 1 month of access to the recordings after the conference.​

    • However, we are not currently set up to be able to provide CE credit to folks who are watching content strictly after the conference. This is because recorded content requires a completely separate (& costly) RACE approval process from live-attendance CE. (And that would require raising ticket prices, which we are not prepared to do at this time).

    • We do recommend that you come to as much of the conference as possible while it is live, since that is how you will get the most CE. You'll also want to try and join live as much as you can, since it will be a very interactive conference with breakout rooms & small group conversations... and those parts can not realistically be recorded ;)​

  • I'm interested in helping with this conference. Is that possible?

  • How do I become a speaker or a sponsor for this conference next year? 

Get Your Tickets before January 1st!


(Additional discount codes can be used & entered at checkout while valid! This deep discount pricing will no longer be available after Jan 1st, 2025 midnight PST)


Remember to get tickets for your vet techs & staff too:)

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