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Private 1:1 Coaching

Everything you need to build your house call vet practice, your way. With a trusted colleague who’s been there and done that in your back pocket.

✓ ​​Fast Track Your Path To Success

✓ Build Your Profitable & Sustainable Practice

✓ Achieve Time & Financial Freedom

You have plenty of experience as a veterinarian, but this whole business thing? You could use some help and direction.

With me as your coach & someone who truly gets what you're going through...

Building a profitable AND sustainable mobile or house call vet practice is no longer an “if,” it’s a “when” thanks to my Veterinary Freedom Formula that I’ll break down for you step-by-step in our monthly coaching calls.

I’m not saying it’s easy or it’ll happen overnight, but it WILL work if you put in the work. And you’ll have me and our little House Call Vet Academy community right by your side as you learn how to build your own unique and super niche house call or mobile vet practice!

With daily access to me via our Facebook group and Voxer, I’m literally at your fingertips so you never get stuck and can keep moving full-steam ahead toward building your own house call or mobile vet practice that supports the kind of lifestyle YOU want to live.

Dr. Eve Harrison Veterinarian

I’ve been successfully running my 6-figure house call vet practice since 2016, and now I’m teaching YOU how to do the same. I’ll be coaching you through your most sought-after questions, like:

What do I need to start? And can I do this without sinking thousands of dollars into start-up costs?


How do I take payments or know what to charge?

How can I make sure my business will be profitable?


Do I need a CPA? If so, how do I find one?


Do I need an attorney, and if so, what kind? How do I find the right match for me?


How do I get new clients other than advertising word of mouth? And keep them once I do get them?


Or fire them if they don’t respect my time & boundaries?? How DO I set boundaries???


And what do I do if a client ends up bashing me on Yelp????

How do I start a concierge service?

How do I transition my mobile practice to another style?

(ie: wellness to IHE-only, IHE to palliative, GP to CONCIERGE or TCVM?)

How do I incorporate telemedicine into my practice?

Dr Eve Harrison

Take a deeeeep breath, friend.

If you’re ready to FAST TRACK your path to success so you can turn your veterinary expertise into a unique and super niche mobile or house call vet practice, then I’m here to walk hand-in-hand with you to make it happen.


“Thank God for mentors like you. It's the pioneers of self care such as yourself that really shifted the whole industry's mindset.”

– Dr. L, an in-progress feline-only house call vet, Texas*

"Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is my birthday,

Tomorrow I rollout my new logo,

Tomorrow I see my FIRST APPOINTMENT!


I'd like to take a moment to thank Eve Harrison from the bottom of my heart for her foresight to put together this class and community that has been my entire foundation. And to you, the community, I'm grateful for all of you! You all inspire me in different ways and I'm thankful you guys have welcomed me. This is the most positive uplifting group of vets on Beyonce's internet, and I'm honored to be a part."

- Dr M, a brand new house call vet, Michigan

*To protect the privacy of course participants, testimonials are anonymous. If you’d like to speak with someone who’s taken the course, contact me here. I’m happy to arrange it for you.

Building a profitable AND sustainable house call vet practice is 100% realistic for you. Especially when you have an easy-to-follow formula that shows you exactly how to do it.

With private 1:1 coaching and The House Call Vet Academy, you’ll finally have the tools to create the career AND lifestyle you’ve been wishing for.


All Access Package

  • Everything in the Level up Package

  • PLUS Monday- Friday Voxer support (direct texting access to me) for 12 months


Transformation Package

  • Everything in the Starter Package

  • PLUS Monday- Friday Voxer support (direct texting access to me) for 6 months


Level Up Package


Starter Package



“Your prompt and thorough answers are much valued and I sure feel like I'm getting so much help from this class ☆ … Another reason I refer to you as my house call guru.”

– Dr. G, a seasoned & experienced general practice house call vet, Massachusetts*

“You’re a GODSEND!”

– Dr. J, an in-progress Concierge house call vet, Colorado*

“I’m re-motivated to be a vet again. This is a weird feeling for me. And it’s fantastic! Thank you, Eve.”

– Dr. M, a new IHE vet, Colorado*

*To protect the privacy of course participants, testimonials are anonymous. If you’d like to speak with someone who’s taken the course, contact me here. I’m happy to arrange it for you.

Dr. Eve Harrison Veterinarian

You and I aren’t all that different.

​​I started my house call vet practice because I was passionate about getting to know my patients and giving them the level of care they deserved. And I was sick of working crazy hours in clinics and having every animal terrified!


I wanted so badly to have control over my schedule, and have clients who respected my time and boundaries. But I went straight from veterinary burnout right into business burnout because we’re NOT taught how to do the business side of things in vet school.

I was overwhelmed and frustrated, feeling like there was some secret out there about how to do it right. Like how are you supposed to build a house call vet practice WITHOUT even knowing where to start in the process?


I needed a roadmap but I was stuck flying by the seat of my pants. I was scrambling to figure out which steps to take and in what order. I was burnt out and about ready to go back to a brick & mortar because I basically had the same miserable work/life balance that I had before.

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It wasn’t until I created my Veterinary Freedom Formula that I was able to build my own profitable and sustainable house call practice, my way. I was FINALLY able to practice from a place of emotional health and well-being myself and give my patients the level of care they deserved.


And now that I run a 6-figure integrative concierge house call practice in Los Angeles, with a roster full of amazing clients and patients who I love, and who respect my time... I’m showing YOU how to do it, too.


Don’t waste another second doing things the hard way because I've already made all of the mistakes for you so that YOU don’t have to.


I’m here to serve up everything I know on a silver platter, wrapped up in a neat little bow, so you’ll know exactly what to do (and what not to do!)... WITHOUT having to do it all alone.

I didn’t want to waste my life away working crazy hours in a clinic, rushing from patient to patient, and feeling like someone was always watching over my shoulder when I wanted to practice medicine MY WAY.


But I did want to step into my full potential as the skilled, compassionate, and KICKASS veterinarian that I am... without having to choose between my career and my freedom. And I DID IT. 

Dr. Eve Harrison Veterinarian

Do you want that, too?

If so, I’ve got you!

Questions? I have answers.

What do I get?

Short answer: Everything you need to know about building a house call vet practice.


Long answer: After working with me, you’ll know exactly how to build your house call vet practice in a way that’s both enjoyable and set up the right way.


Because the reality is... being an experienced veterinarian is not enough to run a profitable AND sustainable house call vet practice. You need to know how to run a business in a way that works for your unique niche’s needs and that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do.

What do I get that’s not inside The House Call Vet Academy?

A whooole lot more access to me! But what does that mean for you?


While The House Call Vet Academy does come with the bonus of access to our private FB group and monthly group coaching calls for a year... where you can ask me your most pressing q’s... you’re still going to have to share me with the rest of the group.


BUT when you add on 1:1 coaching, you’ll be able to chat with me directly (and privately!) for a whole hour each month. And if you choose to invest in a coaching package with Voxer, I’ll literally be at your fingertips whenever you’d like some extra help or direction.

What’s Voxer?

Voxer is a messaging app that works on any network or device. In other words, you have FULL access to me so you can ask questions and get personalized support whenever and wherever you need it.


BUT as you know, I’m all about that work/life balance... so that doesn’t include weekends. :)

Can I add on coaching if I’ve already enrolled in The House Call Vet Academy?

Of course! You can always add on 1:1 coaching later, whether you’re still taking the course or have already completed it.

Do you work with (insert your niche here) house call veterinarians?

Yes! Whether that’s general, end-of-life, concierge, integrative, holistic, wellness, acupuncture, full-service, or something else entirely... whatever unique ice cream flavor of vet you are (or would like to be!), I’ve got all your bases covered. That’s why I say do it your way a lot. ;)

Do you offer single consultation sessions?

Yes! It's $497 for a one hour private consulting session. You can schedule it here!

But will this work for ME, specifically?

This is exactly why I do free 15-minute consultations with everyone seriously interested! I’d love to hear all about your mobile or house call vet practice goals and have a no-pressure conversation with you so that you can make a decision you’re 100% confident in.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! Money can be tricky when you're just starting your business or if the house call business you already started is struggling financially. Contact me to discuss your options.

I have more questions?

Amazing! I’d love to hear them. You can contact me here.

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