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Welcome, friend! So glad you're here.

Are you looking for freedom?

Are you ready to build your house call practice, your way,

but without having to do it all alone?


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Whether you’re an established mobile vet who is spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to streamline, set boundaries, grow your practice, or let go of toxic clients... or you are a BRAND NEW prospective house call vet looking to build from scratch… The House Call Vet Academy will help you build, grow, or revamp your house call practice…


…so you can get back to being the skilled, compassionate, & absolutely KICK ASS VETERINARIAN that you are...

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…without sacrificing your ability to practice medicine autonomously, without working crazy hours in a clinic putting money into someone else’s pocket, rushing from patient to patient, working with clients who aren’t a good fit, having to choose between your career & your freedom, or even worse…. having to CHOOSE BETWEEN YOUR CAREER… and your FAMILY.

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How to set up a mobile vet practice your way, without having to figure it all out alone.

This course has 3 parts: Planning & Building, The House Call Experience, & Growing Sustainably.


Your subscription includes 1 yr of monthly group coaching.

What People Are Saying about The House Call Vet Academy!

"Thank you for helping make vet med a better place and being one of the women that really do help other women, because that's also really hard to find these days. My first love is being a vet and I've been so afraid of losing that - your help really is a bigger deal than you know. Thank you."

Dr. J, an in-progress In-Home-Euthanasia house call veterinarian, Virginia

"Just wanted to say how much I love your course so far! It's been a lifesaver. It’s like a book I can’t put down.

I have been so overwhelmed lately this is exactly what I needed to refocus! ❤️"

Dr. A, a new general practice house call veterinarian, New York

“OMG! I love this course. It's been much better than I even expected. I'm only a few lectures in and you have given me gold!”

– Dr. S, a seasoned & experienced integrative house call veterinarian, New Mexico*

"Being part of the group is honestly one of the BEST things that have happened to me.

I WISH I had found it before I even opened my business because I made a ton of mistakes that I am slowly cleaning up.

I feel that I have so much support in so many ways from this group, it is worth EVERY PENNY."

Dr. D, an experienced general practice house call veterinarian, California

I love you. I don’t know you that well yet, but I really love you. You’re amazing. In the long corridor of my career, you have already been such a light.

I’m in a number of vet groups on facebook, and the ones I feel the most comfortable in are the House Call Vet Academy Community group and your public group The House Call Vet Cafe. Honestly.

This type of network that you have built is so valuable and so loving and an unmet need.

This is a place I can be my authentic self. I’ve tried to fit in everywhere I go. I’ve been tolerating cultural toxicity for so long. And I’ve finally found my family & tribe here.

I feel like what you’ve built is something that empowers people to build their careers in the way that works for them and in a way that can't be found anywhere else.

I’ve gotten so much from you already and I’ve barely scratched the surface.


Dr. C, a new concierge house call veterinarian, California

*To protect the privacy of course participants, testimonials are anonymous. If you’d like to speak with someone who’s taken the course, contact me here. I’m happy to arrange it for you.

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How does it work?

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Videos with templates, checklists, & assignments

Your journey will be through a series of pre-recorded video training lessons with supplemental guides, templates, checklists, and assignments designed to walk you step by step through building or revamping the house call practice of your dreams.

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Personal support & accountability

I will personally guide you in our monthly group coaching calls over the year, as you not only implement what you’re learning, but master these skills.

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1 year of access

Though you could complete this implementation program in as little as 2 months, I’m giving you access to the course materials for an entire year so that you never have to feel behind.

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On-demand content

This allows you to go completely at

your own pace, going through the course content whenever you want. You can also choose to binge watch this course content, Netflix style, while having direct access & support from an entire community of likeminded veterinarians that are on the exact same path as you are!

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Bonus: Community

You will have access to our exclusive facebook community of people going through exactly the same curriculum with you.


This course is literally made from my own blood, sweat, & tears to build my own practice, & I'm giving it ALL to you, on a silver platter! Within seconds of enrolling, you'll get:

  • One year membership & access to materials


  • 50+ video trainings + EXPERT guest trainings


  • Vendor comparisons


  • 20+ TEMPLATES for tricky client communication scenarios


  • CHECKLISTS for EXACT STEPS to start/grow/upscale your business

  • Access to monthly GROUP COACHING CALLS for 1 year (Recorded for you if you can’t make it in real time!)

  • Meet your community: Bonus interviews with the most inspiring vets in all different micro-niches of the house call & mobile vet world!!!

  • Additional BONUS: 1 year of access to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY for support

  • >30 hours of RACE APPROVED CE

  • The cost of this course is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! (even if you haven't incorporated yet).

  • What do I get?
    Short answer: Everything you need to know about building a house call vet practice. Long answer: After working with me, you’ll know exactly how to build your house call vet practice in a way that’s both enjoyable and set up the right way. Because the reality is... being an experienced veterinarian is not enough to run a profitable AND sustainable house call vet practice. You need to know how to run a business in a way that works for your unique niche’s needs and that’s what I’m going to teach you how to do.
  • What do I get that’s not inside The House Call Vet Academy?
    A whooole lot more access to me! But what does that mean for you? While The House Call Vet Academy does come with access to our private FB group and monthly group coaching calls for a year where you can ask me your most pressing q’s... you’re still going to have to share me with the rest of the group. BUT when you add on 1:1 coaching, you’ll be able to chat with me directly (and privately!) for a whole hour each month. And if you choose to invest in a coaching package with Voxer, I’ll literally be at your fingertips whenever you’d like some extra help or direction.
  • What’s Voxer?
    Voxer is a messaging app that works on any network or device. In other words, you have FULL access to me so you can ask questions and get personalized support whenever and wherever you need it. BUT as you know, I’m all about that work/life balance... so that doesn’t include weekends. :)
  • Can I add on coaching if I’ve already enrolled in The House Call Vet Academy?
    Of course! You can always add on 1:1 coaching later, whether you’re still taking the course or have already completed it.
  • Do you work with (insert your niche here) house call veterinarians?
    Yes! Whether that’s general, end-of-life, concierge, integrative, holistic, wellness, acupuncture, full-service, or something else entirely... whatever unique ice cream flavor of vet you are (or would like to be!), I’ve got all your bases covered. That’s why I say do it your way a lot. ;)
  • But will this work for ME, specifically?
    This is exactly why I do free 15-minute consultations with everyone seriously interested! I’d love to hear all about your mobile or house call vet practice goals and have a no-pressure conversation with you so that you can make a decision you’re 100% confident in.
  • I have more questions?
    Amazing! I’d love to hear them. You can contact me here.

Is this course right for me?

This course is for you if:

  • You are a soon-to-be house call vet, you already know you want to build your own practice, and you want to get it right the first time without taking massive financial risks or making big mistakes.

  • You are a vet who feels trapped working crazy hours at a brick & mortar, feeling like you don't even have the time to give your patients the level of care they deserve OR the freedom to spend time with your own family when it really matters... And you're curious about the freedom you may be able to find though house call vet life...

  • You are interested in any of the following types of mobile/house-call practices: End-of-Life only, Wellness only, Concierge service, General practice, Integrative or Holistic, acupuncture only, or full-service mobile practice.

  • You are an established mobile vet & you already have your own practice... but you want to make house calls the cornerstone of your career now. You want to level-up your practice, find better ways to do it, or maybe even take your practice from a part time set up to a full time gig. Your own practice might be burning you out. You may need help with boundaries, or even taming your unruly client base! And you're here because you'd like guidance from a trusted colleague who not only gets it, but has "walked the walk" ;)

Dr Eve Harrison-21.png
Dr Eve Harrison-21.png

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You often feel critical of veterinarians doing things differently from how you learned to practice. The vibe here is distinctly supportive, non-judgmental, & welcoming towards outside-the-box thinking. The VAST majority of veterinarians are doing the best they can. Therefore, folks who have a tendency to make hurtful or shaming statements towards other vets won't be a good match for this community.

  • You are averse to embracing innovation when it comes to making experiences better for clients, patients, AND vets alike.

  • You are expecting "tips, tricks, & hacks" to be the basis of your business. If you are unwilling to put in any effort or investment of your own into a deeper understanding of how to develop a sustainable, profitable, & ethical business, it is unlikely you will be able to do so.

  • You aim to become an "influencer" or position YOURSELF as an expert, lecturer, teacher, coach, consultant, blogger, or CE provider for other veterinarians in the specific subject of house call or mobile vet practice management, or other subjects contained in the House Call Vet Academy. If you're already an expert on these subjects, you shouldn't need this course at all, right?

  • You represent a large corporation or national chain. The information within this course is intended to help individual veterinarians find their own paths.

  • You think the state of veterinary medicine is just fine as it is right now.

This course is exactly what I've been looking for!

Dr Eve Harrison-21.png


I'm Dr. Eve Harrison.

I have a 6-figure integrative concierge house call practice in Los Angeles, with a roster full of amazing clients & patients who I love, & who respect my time. But it wasn't always that way.

Your girl is a Upenn grad with an internship & surgical residency experience, as well as a decade of experience in ER, GP, shelter, wildlife, & relief work. At only 5 years into my career, I became acutely aware of how much I had sacrificed, & how much more it would cost me. I needed to find another way. The first house call I did, I knew I had found my path. BUT, the story didn't end there. I spent many years in my own practice feeling lost & burnt out not just as a vet, but as a BUSINESS OWNER as well, seeing way too many clients, many of which walked ALLLLLL OVER ME, & I still struggled to pay bills.


Even in my OWN practice, I found myself right back where I WAS... with no time for family, friends, my heath, or the things that were dear to me. It wasn’t until I found my veterinary freedom formula that I was able to create my own sustainable & profitable practice, my way. I was finally able to practice from a place of emotional health & well-being MYSELF, to really be able to give my patients the level of care they deserved.


This is exactly why I created The House Call Vet Academy… So that other vets don’t have to go through all of the years I went through trying to find a sustainable way to practice as a vet in this day & age. Vet School didn't teach us any of this, right? So, friend.... I've made all of the mistakes FOR you. I learned it all the hard way, so that YOU DON'T HAVE TO! I’m here to serve up everything I know on a silver platter wrapped up in a neat little bow, so you will know exactly what to do with out having to do it all alone or reinventing the wheel! I see you. I understand you… and that’s why I created this course…. just for you.

What is the investment?

Here’s the VALUE you get when you enroll today (>$20,000)

Savings on costly mistakes you didn’t need to make >$10,000+ Value

Savings in coupons for products, courses, & other bonuses inside : >$2,000 (including a $500 gift certificate for a portable laser, discounts for the Calm Cozy, Purple Moon Herbal studies, AND access to 2 weeks of FREE THERAPY inside the course...ummmmmmm, WHAT?!)

Monthly Group Coaching Calls x 1 year > $3,000 Value

Community Support & ongoing help from me in REAL TIME > $5000 Value

Fast tracking your path to freedom by YEARS - PRICELESS

Total value of OVER $20,000

But when you enroll today

you’ll get access to my entire life's work served up just for you on a silver platter for only:


Dr Eve Harrison HCVA Updated Logos-01.png

Enroll Today!

each month


12-monthly payments

for only


one-time payment

House Call Vet Acadey

Starting your own practice is NOT a place where you want to wing it!

Your career, your livelihood, your happiness, (& potentially your family) may depend on it.

You will NOT regret investing in yourself and seeing YOUR unique practice pay you back ten-fold.


I'm so excited to support you on your journey, and to tell you that YOU are WORTH the investment, and so is your DREAM PRACTICE!

Putting it into perspective...

Per day, the cost of The House Call Vet Academy is less than:

  • A pumpkin spice latte!

  • 3 tabs of chewable Clavamox 375mg!

  • Car gas per day as a mobile vet

The TOTAL cost of this program...

to grow the most profitable & sustainable version of your dream practice, & get it right the first time... would be LESS THAN:

income from 2-3 days of house calls (or relief shifts)


< 2/3 the cost of an average 3 credit college course


< 1/5 the cost of acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy training


<1/125 the cost of a fully outfitted LaBoit mobile clinic


< 1/200 the cost of vet school (…but this time you get to learn EXACTLY what YOU want to learn!)

You’ve come this far investing time & money into your career & amazing skill set. Now, you’re thinking of FINALLY starting or leveling up your dream practice!!… Why hold back when it comes to investing in yourself NOW?


The House Call Vet Academy is a super-niche, results-driven training program designed for EXACTLY what you’re working on. You won’t find this level of detail or support ANYWHERE else.


With all of the hard work you’ve put into your craft & expertise, we don’t want you now wasting additional years “winging it” as a business owner, reinventing the wheel, or having to clean up messes years from now, right?


You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Now let’s focus on fast-tracking your unique house call practice to success— your way!

Dr. Eve Harrison.jpg

So friend...

Do you want to build a career & life you love?

If so, I’m here waiting to cheer you on & support you!!


... I wanted to let you know that I had the privilege of listening in on your most recent group coaching call with your accountant, and really enjoyed listening to some of the insights she provided the group. I thought the fact that you were offering that was an incredible value-add for all of your mobile veterinarian clients, and I also took away a few nuggets from the conversation.


I also wanted to let you know how impressed I always am with your positivity and encouragement that you offer the group. While you may already be fully aware (heck you ARE a Vet), just in case, I wanted to say thank you and let you know how important those good vibes and support are for the group.

Speaking on behalf of [my wife’s] own experience, I know the vet world can be emotionally difficult, so I think the fact that she has a forum where she can come and be lifted up and given hope is something truly amazing, that really lends itself more credence than other groups, since yours is a group of peers going through the same transitions.

-J (Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Manager,

& very supportive husband of a House Call Vet Academy participant)

*We have a small community— in order to protect the privacy of participants in this course, testimonials are being kept anonymous. The reality is that many vets are currently still employed at brick & mortar practices while they start to build their house call practices. I would never want to jeopardize anyone's careers or have my own beliefs & opinions reflect on my course participants.


** If you would like a reference to speak directly with a participant in my course, please contact me at, and that can be arranged!

Please reach out if you would like to contact me directly!

I'm friendly! The best way to reach me is through email:


Book a FREE 15 minute discovery session with me!

This is for YOU if you know you need this course, but want to make sure we’re a good fit. I'd love to hear about your goals & explore how I can help you!

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